PRIME High Frequency Machine -AB-8000C


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PRIME AB 8000C High-Frequency Machine

This is a very versatile tool that works on toning the skin. The High Frequency produces the sensation of heat while it stimulates blood circulation and helps oxygenate the skin. It also has an antiseptic effect on the skin effectively sterilizes skin and kills bacteria.

16 in stock

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PRIME AB 8000C High-Frequency Machine

This is a very versatile tool that works on toning the skin. The High Frequency produces the sensation of heat while it stimulates blood circulation and helps oxygenate the skin. It also has an antiseptic effect on the skin effectively sterilizes skin and kills bacteria.

Includes: Both Neon Gas Glass Electrodes ( Red) – Set of 4  and  Argon Gas Glass Electrodes (Violet/ Blue) – Set of 4:

1. Mushroom Electrode: for large areas (forehead, back)

2. Spoon Electrode: for sensitive areas  (under eyes)

3. Sparker (zapper) Electrode: for spots like pimples

4. Rake Electrode: circulation and stimulation (scalp)

  • ARGON (Violet/Blue) comes with a set of 4 gas-filled electrodes specialized to treat acne-prone skin. An extremely small amount of ultraviolet light is emitted when the violet electrode comes into contact with the skin. Such brief and low-level UV exposure are considered safe and non-damaging while providing thorough anti-bacterial and healing benefits. These benefits come forth because Argon is denser than air and displaces oxygen, this is part of the reason why after using high frequency the sparked bacteria is eliminated and emits an Ozone smell. 
  • NEON (Red) comes with a set of 4 glass gas-filled electrodes specialized for the treatment of aging skin because they direct more warmth to the treatment area, therefore, promoting blood circulation, encouraging cellular turnover rate, and improving product penetration. Liquefied neon is commercially used as a cryogenic refrigerant (‘natural preservative’). Therefore the application of such gas into the pores has shown an ability to ‘preserve youth’ or reduce signs of aging by stimulating fibroblasts and collagen production.

Frequency range: 60,000-200,000 hertz

Wattage: 20w

CE Certified

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eMark Beauty Warranty: All of our PRIME products come with a 2 Year warranty. Warranty covers machine but does not cover glass accessories. Buyer must contact eMark Beauty Customer Service at (940) 464-3805 for assistance before sending in for repair. eMark Beauty will either Repair or Replace item. Customer is responsible for shipping item to eMark Beauty for repair. After Repair is complete, eMark Beauty will pay for shipping the item to Customer. For more information, please contact eMark Beauty’s Customer Service Department, 7 days a week at (940)464-3805.

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