High Frequency Facial Steamer PLASTIC JAR, Ozone Aromatherapy Skin Care Therapy TLC-6003


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38 in stock

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Aromatherapy, Herbal Steamer, and Ozone: comes with herbal basket for fresh or dried herbs in a satchel or a few drops of oil or scent on a gauze pad. Steam passes through the basket rising through the nozzle aromatherapy during treatment. Included is an ozone function that sterilizes the steam ensuring a clean, sterile treatment. Unit is height adjustable with a 180 degree nozzle swivel. Automatic low-water shut-off. Includes BPA Free Plastic Jar with handle. Made For Tap Water. 

High Frequency: versatile tool that works on toning the skin. Produces the sensation of heat while it stimulates blood circulation and helps oxygenate the skin. Also has an antiseptic effect on skin effectively sterilizes skin and kills bacteria. Includes 4 glass gas filled electrodes specialized for: 1. Mushroom Electrode: for large areas (forehead, back) 2. Spoon Electrode: for sensitive areas (under eyes) 3. Sparker (zapper) Electrode: for spots like pimples 4. Rake Electrode: circulation and stimulation (scalp)Small compact 18 inch weighted wheeled base with height adjustment. Comes with a 1-Year eMark Beauty Warranty – eMark Beauty stands behind all of our products with confidence. Compare the eMark Beauty warranty to those of our competitors. 30 day No-Hassle return policy – Return your merchandise within 30 days of purchase for a full refund of your purchase price. You can return item for any reason hassle free. After 30 days it falls under the 1-year eMark Beauty warranty. Please call 940-464-3805 for assistance for any reason.

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