3 IN 1 Facial Steamer with Glass Jar and High Frequency and Magnifying Lamp


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This unit comes with a Magnifying Lamp and a machine combining High Frequency with Aromatherapy, Herbal Steamer Basket, and Ozone.

5 in stock

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3 in 1 Glass Jar Steamer with Magnification Lamp 

The Aromatherapy, Herbal Steamer, and Ozone: come with an herbal basket for fresh or dried herbs in a satchel or a few drops of oil or scent on a gauze pad. Steam passes through the basket rising through the nozzle aromatherapy during treatment. Included is an ozone function that sterilizes the steam ensuring a clean, sterile treatment.

The unit is height-adjustable with a 180-degree nozzle swivel. Automatic low-water shut-off. Includes durable Glass Jar made For Distilled Water.

This MSR-8000B Magnifying Lamp that provides 5x magnification (16 Diopter) under a cool white light. The lens has a protective cover and is mounted on an adjustable stable arm for ease of use. Once set into position it provides magnification, and light, and frees your hands in diagnosing skin conditions and performing extractions. CE Certified

Small compact 18-inch weighted wheeled base with height adjustment.

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Distilled Water SteamerMagi
Glass Jar Steamer
Mobile Stand Stand with wheels

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