Paraffin Wax Heaters

Cosmetic Benefits of a Paraffin Wax Treatment

Paraffin wax is mostly known for its skin softening properties. Dipping your hands into a warmed paraffin wax bath softens skin by trapping the heat, opening pores, and adding moisture as the material hardens. This process also removes dead skin cells, making your skin feel even softer.

These wax treatments can be used on hands or feet to soothe and relieve dry, cracked skin. Often, this type of treatment is performed by fully immersing your hands several times, while waiting a few minutes in between dips to fully reap the benefits of this treatment.

Therapeutic Benefits of Paraffin Wax Treatments

Not only is this wax used for moisturizing skin, but it's also used for therapeutic applications. Many people use paraffin wax treatments as a form of heat therapy to relieve minor aches associated with joint pain. When this soothing heat is applied to the skin it increases blood flow, thus enabling faster healing.

Heated paraffin baths are also used to relax muscles, decrease joint stiffness, and minimize inflammation. One of the biggest benefits of paraffin wax is that it has a low melting point, so there's no need to use a high heat setting. This healing wax can provide soothing comfort at a low, safe temperature.

Paraffin wax can be used as a therapeutic and cosmetic treatment. Incorporating paraffin wax treatments into the beauty services you offer in your salon is a great way to please and pamper your customers and attract new business! Shop with eMark Beauty today for paraffin wax, warmers/heaters, gloves and boots.

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